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RaceDay Suite

TimingMatt provides a full RaceDay experience all the way from registration to results. Partner with us to provide best in class services and features as we help manage and guide you through the process.


TimingMatt is certified on all aspects of the RaceDay Suite of products to ensure a successful race for you and your participants. TimingMatt - For all your primary and backup needs!


RunSignup is a popular platform for online registration that offers several benefits for organizations and individuals who want to host events or manage participation in races, charity walks, and other activities. Some of the reasons why someone might choose to use RunSignup include:

  1. User-friendly platform: RunSignup is designed to be easy to use for both organizers and participants. The platform provides a step-by-step guide for setting up an event and customizing registration forms, as well as a simple and intuitive interface for participants to sign up and pay for events.

  2. Customizable options: RunSignup offers a range of customization options, allowing event organizers to tailor the registration process to their specific needs. This includes the ability to add custom fields to registration forms, create and manage different pricing tiers, and set up custom waiver forms.

  3. Reporting and analytics: RunSignup provides real-time reporting and analytics to help organizers track key metrics such as participant numbers, revenue, and fundraising progress. These tools can help organizers make data-driven decisions and improve the overall success of their events.

  4. Secure payment processing: RunSignup integrates with popular payment gateways to provide secure and reliable payment processing for participants. This eliminates the need for organizers to manage payments manually, reducing the risk of fraud and increasing the speed and efficiency of the registration process.

  5. Integration with other tools: RunSignup integrates with a range of third-party tools and services, including race timing systems, email marketing platforms, and social media tools. This allows organizers to streamline the process of managing their events and engage with participants more effectively.

Overall, RunSignup provides a comprehensive solution for event registration and management that can help organizations and individuals save time, increase efficiency, and improve the success of their events.

Bib Management & Check In

Bib management is an important aspect of organizing a 5K race, as it helps ensure that participants are accurately tracked and timed during the event. Here are some steps you can take to handle bib management effectively:

  1. Assign bib numbers: Assign bib numbers to participants in advance of the event, either by assigning them manually or using an automated system. Consider using a system that allows you to assign bib numbers based on factors such as race category, estimated finish time, or fundraising efforts.

  2. Distribute bibs: Distribute bibs to participants either by mailing them in advance or providing them on race day. If you're distributing bibs on race day, consider setting up a separate bib pickup area to minimize delays and ensure that participants have their bibs before the start of the race.

  3. Use bib timing chips: If you're using bib timing chips, make sure they are properly attached to participants' bibs before the start of the race. This will help ensure that participants are accurately timed and that their results are correctly recorded.

  4. Have backup plans in place: Plan for potential issues that could arise with bib management, such as lost or damaged bibs, and have backup plans in place to minimize disruptions. For example, consider having extra bibs and timing chips on hand, and have a system in place for resolving any discrepancies in results.

  5. Utilize technology: Consider using technology such as barcode scanning or RFID timing systems to help streamline the process of bib management and improve accuracy. These systems can help reduce the risk of errors and ensure that participants are correctly tracked and timed throughout the race.

By following these steps and taking a systematic approach to bib management, you can ensure that your 5K race runs smoothly and that participants are accurately tracked and timed.

Using the RunSignup CheckIn app for dynamic bib assignment can provide several benefits for your 5K race, including:

  1. Increased efficiency: The CheckIn app allows you to assign bibs to participants on-site and in real-time, eliminating the need for manual assignment or pre-printed bibs. This can save you time and reduce the risk of errors, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the race.

  2. Improved accuracy: With dynamic bib assignment, you can ensure that participants are assigned the correct bib number based on factors such as their estimated finish time, fundraising efforts, or race category. This can help improve the accuracy of results and reduce the risk of discrepancies.

  3. Easy-to-use interface: The CheckIn app has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to assign bibs and track participants. The app also integrates with other RunSignup tools and services, allowing you to manage the entire registration process from a single platform.

  4. Increased security: The CheckIn app provides increased security for your race, as it allows you to verify participants' identities and ensure that they have signed any necessary waivers or releases before being assigned a bib. This can help reduce the risk of fraud and ensure that your race is conducted fairly and ethically.

  5. Real-time tracking: With the CheckIn app, you can track participants in real-time as they check in and are assigned their bibs. This can help you monitor the flow of participants and make any necessary adjustments to the registration process, ensuring that the race runs smoothly and efficiently.

Overall, using the RunSignup CheckIn app for dynamic bib assignment can help you streamline the process of managing your 5K race, improve accuracy, and provide a more efficient and secure experience for participants.

Scoring & Results

TimingMatt provides real time scoring and results. All participants can recieve an email or text of their result immediately after crossing the finish line. Finisher video will also be available along with a digital finisher certificate of their accomplishment!

RaceJoy & Photos

RaceJoy is a smartphone app designed for use by runners, walkers, and spectators during running events such as marathons, half-marathons, 10Ks, and 5Ks. The app provides real-time GPS tracking and race performance updates, so that friends and family can follow participants as they make their way around the course. It also offers audio encouragement and split times, allowing users to track their progress and stay motivated throughout the race. In addition, RaceJoy has features such as cheer sending and custom cheer wall, which enable spectators to send encouraging messages to participants and create a more engaging race experience for all involved.


RunSignup's RaceDay Photos integration allows race directors to easily manage and distribute race day photos to participants. The photos can be linked directly to participants' results and can be downloaded or shared directly from the RunSignup platform. This feature can help create a more memorable experience for participants and can also help increase engagement and drive sales for race directors and photographers.

Running Photos

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Race Trends from Head Start

The Head Start Podcast does an episode on RunSignup's annual Race Trends Report. Take a look at market registration data and trends from RunSignup's 2023 RaceTrends report in this deep dive in podcast form!

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